South Dakota Administrative Law and Regulatory Law

The May Adam office is located just blocks from the state capitol. A major aspect of the firm’s practice is centered around South Dakota Administrative Law and South Dakota Regulatory Law. Pierre is the seat of state government and as such is the home base for many of the state and federal agencies which govern so much of our daily lives. Pierre being what it is, we live and interact with the agency staff members in their public and private lives. Our Pierre, SD attorneys are frequently called upon to assist, advise and represent people and businesses needing to deal with the agencies.

The firm’s administrative law practice includes:

  • Energy and telecommunication regulations
    • Our South Dakota attorneys represent clients before the Public Utilities Commission and are experienced lead counsel in rate cases, siting applications and certificates of authority.
  • Workers’ compensation disputes before the Division of Labor and Management, Department of Labor
    • We represent both businesses and employees in these matters.
  • Insurance regulatory activities before the Division of Insurance
  • Banking and finance regulation and franchising before the Division of Banking and the South Dakota Banking Commission
    • Our lawyers represent banks and money lenders on regulatory matters involving their licensing, taxes and examinations.
  • Enforcement and other tax-related matters before the Department of Revenue
    • We represent taxpayers of all sizes and stripes in their sales, contractors excise, centrally assessed and ad valorem tax appeals and proceedings.
  • Environmental, water rights and oil and gas proceedings before the Boards of Minerals and Environment and Water Management
    • Our South Dakota attorneys represent energy companies and landowners seeking to obtain permits to drill for oil, mine for gold and gravel, and obtain and consume water in this state.
The firm also has broad experience defending governmental entities from a wide range of liability claims. These include defense of civil rights actions under 42 U.S.C.§ 1983, age discrimination, sexual harassment and other employment related claims. Our Pierre, SD attorneys' experience extends to the representation of officers and employees of state government, as well as officials and employees of counties, cities, and other governmental entities.